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We Believe in Fair Wages

As of July 1, 2019 we no longer accept tips and have added a 15% Fair Wage Share service charge to all checks.  The Fair Wage Share is not a gratuity and goes directly to equitable wages and increased benefits for all employees.   

We are excited about Fair Wage Share and leaving both tipping and the front of house/back of house dichotomy behind to come together as One House where all employees; dishwashers, servers and cooks, are equally valued and equitably paid—without tips!

Fair Wage Share 

• Provides reliable, consistent income to all employees  

• Narrows the existing pay gap between the servers and kitchen staff

• Raises the pay rate floor to $15 per hour 

• Enhances our employee benefits (Health Insurance, Paid Time Off, Simple IRA, Meal Plan)

Good Real Food is...

Made from scratch

with minimally processed & freshly farmed or foraged ingredients.

Sourced from farmers 

and producers with honest hearts and clear intentions.

Prepared with produce that is 

grown naturally & without pesticides, 

and with animals that are raised humanely.

Prepared with respect 

for the integrity & identity of the ingredients, 

with precise execution & technique, beautiful presentation, 

and the best flavors possible.

Handmade and 

served by those with generous souls 

and the desire to take care of people.

Paired with thought & consideration 

for what it’s being consumed with, 

where & when it’s being consumed, 

and who is consuming it.

Found in a place that 

supports local agriculture & fair trade practices, 

and invites its community to be active participants in the process.

Eaten by those who care 

about where their food comes from 

and how their food is grown, treated, handled, and prepared.

Part of a food system that is 

transparent, fair, just, and accessible to everyone; 

it’s goal is the mutual benefit of all participants.

Taking into account the

well-being of the entire system 

and all its components at every step.

Fostering community, revealing connections, and inspiring gratitude; 

seeing how food connects us to each other, ourselves, and the world around us.