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Covid-19 and the Staff Support Fund (SSF)

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"I have been living with my Grandma for almost 2 years now, when the Covid-19 pandemic started I didn't know what to think. I was scared, I was confused. But one thing I did know is I had to keep my Grandma safe.  During this time we have been practicing social distancing, I have been running errands for her when necessary and helping out around the house.  I have been cooking dinner for us every night and we go on walks to keep active.  We have been cleaning and organizing the house a lot. One night we went through my Grandma's jewelry and decided to have a "fancy dinner" while wearing what we found. We have been having fun, but I cannot wait to be back at the Birchwood.  It's like my second family.  We work hard together and we have a lot of fun." – Amanda, Catering + Events Chef

We miss our staff, and we care deeply about their well being and welfare; they are our family, and laying them off was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do.  

And it's clear by your generous attempts to leave us extra cash + tips our first week of curbside pick up and delivery that you care about them too. 

Many of you know that we eliminated tipping last summer, however in the current COVID19 circumstances we are not adding our Fair Wage Share to curbside pick up and delivery food. Instead, we've added a 15% Staff Support Fund Service Charge to every order. The SSF Service Charge is not a tip.

The Staff Support Funds Service Charge helps us:
1. Provide free hot meals + groceries to all of our staff, those we had to
lay off as well as those working on the front lines.
2. Stay open so we can rehire every single one of them back.
3. Continue to pay our remaining small but mighty staff their pre COVID 19 wages + benefits.

Thank you for all the love and support these past three weeks, thank you for embracing our SSF service charge and thank you for helping us care for our staff.

With love + gratitude, ❤️🙏🏾
Tracy + our small but mighty crew