Birchwood BOOST!

We love serving "Good Real Food" to our community and beyond – so we created our BOOST program to support local nonprofits whose work aligns with our "Good Real Food" values. Food connects us all (everyone eats!) and food systems are a critical point of action for addressing human and environmental health, climate change & social justice issues.  Each year, we partner with four organizations, so that our entire community can engage in the good work they do!  

Our application for BOOST 2017 is now closed but will reopen late fall/early winter for 2018. 

Voices for Racial Justice

From October–December, Birchwood BOOST is partnering with Voices for Racial Justice (VRJ) to cultivate the soil for strong, community-led racial justice organizing to thrive. They offer spaces for learning, sharing, + community-building that support healing from the trauma of racism and the organizing to end it. Their tools and strategies are grounded in communities and culture.


By highlighting Good Real FOOD as a solution, we aspire to engage more people in a culture of service to create positive, lasting change. For three months at a time, our cafe will collaborate with a local nonprofit organization to do the following:

Advance Awareness

We’re going to put our partner organizations center stage and get the word out about their work by highlighting their programs and impact through our newsletters, social media, our website and signage in the cafe.

Facilitate Fundraising

Our servers will invite customers to round up at the register to “Boost” these organizations—pocket change, just like our individual action steps, has the power to add up! We’ll also host a Booster Club Dinner in our Community Room for an inspiring evening of Good Real Food and special guests. Together, we can start a ripple effect that expands far beyond our plates and into the broader world.

Encourage Engagement

We’ll co-host events with our partners and provide our community with real, face- time opportunities to meet these people and hear first-hand about their work. Our partners will present information and action steps that can make a difference.

Our current Boost partner is featured above. You can also find out more through our social media and by visiting the cafe. Or, sign up for our e-newsletter for up-to-date info on events and action steps you can participate in. Together, we can #BeTheChange!

Interested in Applying?

Our application process opens in late fall/early winter for the next year. Check back here in November 2017 to begin the 2018 application process! Feel free to send us an email with any questions.  

Past Partners

We had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing nonprofits since we started BOOST in 2016. Thanks to you, we've been able to BOOST their missions and we hope that you'll help us continue to support positive, lasting change to build a better food system.

Climate Generation

A local nonprofit that works to educate and empower people to engage in solutions to climate change, with a unique focus on engaging youth. We love their efforts to address climate change from diverse angles, including climate literacy and climate justice: areas where climate activism and social justice intersect.


Right to Know

Right to Know's mission is to advance the mandatory labeling of foods produced with genetic engineering (GMOs) in Minnesota. Since 2011, Right to Know has led a coalition of farmers, citizens, and health advocates to secure our right to label GMOs because they believe (like we do!) that knowing whats in the food we eat is a basic right.

Urban Roots

Urban Roots works to build vibrant and healthy communities through food, conservation, and youth development. Since 1996, they've cultivated youth leaders and improved urban food systems through gardening, cooking, and entrepreneurship programs.

Land Stewardship Project

Land Stewardship Project is working to create a sustainable food system by supporting new farmers, building soil health, promoting policy reform and developing community based food systems. Find out how you can get more involved at one of our BOOST events.

Neighborhoods Organizing for Change

(NOC) is a grassroots, member-led organization fighting for racial and economic justice across the Twin Cities. NOC works on a variety of issues, including environmental justice, education, workers rights and police accountability.

Women's Environmental Institute

Women's Environmental Institute is dedicated to environmental, agricultural & food justice, especially for women, children and economically challenged communities. Learn how you can get involved!


Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light and MN350 are building the climate justice movement. Whether you are part of a faith community or simply value a sustainable society, there are plenty of ways to take action on the environment.


Midwest Food Connection

Midwest Food Connection (MFC) empowers children to make healthy decisions around food. MFC brings real food into classrooms, providing a chance for kids to share stories, plant seeds, cook across cultures, and taste delicious recipes. This fun and approachable way for children to understand where food comes from and how it impacts our bodies, our communities and our earth is a vital part of early childhood education.