We celebrate 8 seasons at the Birchwood, taking our cues from our farmer friends' fields and cellars to guide and inspire our creativity in the kitchen.

As days cool and shadows lengthen, we smell the change in the air. It's back to school, off to pick apples; squash and pumpkins hang heavy on their vines. Nature accommodates our busy schedules with a harvest that does not require our immediate attention, quite different from the delicate tomatoes + sugary sweet corn of Scorch. These vegetables wait patiently on the counter or in the crisper until we can whip up curries, soups + stews. We rush to get the garden in the jar, putting up pickles, preserves, jams + jellies. 

It's cider season! Thanks to our orchards, we have much to choose from, both sweet + hard ciders for sipping + for sparking braises, soups + sauces. Harvest festivals, Oktoberfest + Halloween remind us to pause in gratitude for a bountiful harvest + stocked pantries.

Our Story

We have been serving Good Real Food since 1995!

At our heart, the Birchwood Cafe is about fostering community, revealing connections, and inspiring gratitude.  

We pride ourselves on offering something for everyone.  Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, omnivorous or all about the bacon, we have plenty of lovingly handcrafted dishes for you to enjoy.   We use local, sustainable, organic food that makes you feel good.  We take care to know that the land, the animals + the people we work with and source from are treated with respect, and you'll taste that in the food.  Because our menu changes with each of our eight seasons, there is always something new + delicious to try.  

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Our savory WAFFLE is filled each season with different vegetables, cheeses and 

freshly milled, locally raised heritage grains from Baker's Field Flour & Bread.

It's topped with HOUSE-MADE JAM + seasonally flavored, pasture-raised BUTTER from Organic Valley.  

The BACON LARDOONS are from Fischer Farms,

 where the Fischers have been raising pigs for five generations. 

A SUNNY-SIDE EGG tops the fourth waffle quadrant, characterized by a bright orange yolk 

thanks to the free-range, pasture-raised chicken from which it came.

And finally a shake of powdered sugar and a healthy drizzle of MAPLE SYRUP

tapped from trees in Birnamwood, WI by Little Man Syrup completes each waffle.

Meet Our Farmers

Birchwood BOOST

Birchwood BOOST supports local nonprofits whose work aligns with our "Good Real Food" values. Food connects us all (everyone eats!) and food systems are a critical point of action for addressing human and environmental health, climate change + social justice issues. Birchwood BOOST will partner with four organizations per year, so that our entire community can engage in the good work they do!  

From October–December, Birchwood BOOST is partnering with Voices for Racial Justice (VRJ). VRJ believes in cultivating the soil for strong, community-led racial justice organizing to thrive. They offer spaces for learning, sharing + community-building that support healing from the trauma of racism and the organizing to end it. Their tools and strategies are grounded in communities and culture.


Get Involved in our Community!

Over the past twenty-two years, the Birchwood has grown into a community of shared values. 

We sponsor a bike team, host screenings of films about food issues, ignite crop mobs to help in our farmers' fields, host "know your farmer" events, and work with the Minneapolis Public Schools' True Food Chef Council to provide fresh, healthy, local food in our public school cafeterias. 

We advocate for the labeling of genetically modified foods and the protection of pollinators, and we help raise funds for organizations that address HIV/AIDS, food justice, and climate change. 

Our cafe is a CSA drop site for eight farms. We work to make our operation environmentally sustainable by composting and recycling more than 90% of the cafe's waste and by using both wind and solar energy for our power.

Meet our friends, show your art on our walls, or sign up for an event